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The algorithm begins with the Hardware

Deep Science Algos

Design the models, not just use them

A Global Business

A global org for a ubiquitous business problem
Join us on our mission to build

A World with Computers that process Real-World Objects instead of just Data. Imagine you travelled abroad. You order food from your โ€œhomeโ€ and it gets delivered within 30 minutes! And that food is as fresh as eating at your home and is indistinguishable from your Motherโ€™s or Grandmotherโ€™s cooking. Except that food didnโ€™t get transported from your home, but through an optical fibre! Would that even be possible?

And what-if the phone that you used to place the order, happened to be manufactured in the same factory line as the one where your car was manufactured, and where your food was prepared โ€“ A Universal Factory!

This is not some teleportation fiction. All these are feasible when the world transitions from Manual Labour to Cybernetic Labour. Help us build that!